Hinged Fittings

Hinged fittings are designed to protect against liquid ingress, excessive cable strain and mechanical abrasion.

Designed with rounded internal forms to protect cables from abrasion, with an internal backstop to alleviate any potential problems caused by unevenly cut conduit and ensuring correct assembly.


CCSB Conduit Clip

CCSB conduit clips provide a method of reducing the conduit outlet size on a hinged fitting.

This allows you to use a larger hinged fitting with your conduit, useful in scenarios where you have bulky cable junctions, or want to reduce the number of fitting sizes you want to keep in stock. CCSB clips can also be nested inside one another, providing further reduction options.

In addition CCSB clips can be used to reinforce slit conduit, ensuring that the conduit remains closed.

Smooth Entry Grommet

These grommets provide a smooth entry into hinged fittings without needing any conduit .

Multiway Reducers

These plates provide a way of splitting a hinged fitting outlet, into multiple smaller conduit sizes.