Frequently Asked Questions

Which Conduit should I use for my project?

See our Conduit Guide here for an overview of the various Harnessflex conduits we can provide, their attributes and recommended applications.
Technical datasheets are also available on each conduits products page which provide more advanced knowledge.

I have a conduit assembly in mind, can you assemble the parts?

Dunford and Pearson are an outsourced assembly provider specializing in all kinds of cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and basic machine builds.
Get in contact with our sales team via the contact us page and we will attempt to provide a quotation.

What does NC/NW mean?

NC and NW are conduit specific sizing standards, what they correspond to is outlined here in the Conduit Guide.

What can I use to change/adapt conduit size?

There are a few options we provide depending upon where and how you wish to change the size of the conduit:

Inline conduit size change (conduit to conduit connection)

To suit a hinged fitting (reducing the size of a fitting outlet)

To suit a sealed fitting (reducing the size of a fitting outlet)

How can I join two pieces of conduit?

You can join two pieces of conduit by using out JPS hinged fitting, bear in mind as it is a hinged fitting it is only IP40 rated, if you want a sealed system you should instead source a longer piece of conduit for an uninterrupted length.

Can I use my own shipping carrier for my order?

Yes! On checkout select the option “use my own shipping code” and provide us with the relevant information to use your courier. If there is any problem with the info you provide we will be in touch via the contact details on your profile page.

How long will my order take to ship?

We attempt to dispatch all orders within 3 days, however we often dispatch sooner. The time for delivery will vary according to your chosen shipping provider and tier at checkout (this info will also be on your order confirmation). Rush orders will be available in the future.