Conduit Accessories

A range of accessories to compliment Harnessflex conduits.
 These accessories are compatible with all types of Harnessflex slit and unslit conduit.

Mounting Conduit

Conduit Clip

One piece non-metallic conduit clips providing secure mounting points for Harnessflex conduit systems. 

Metallic P clip

One-piece, metallic P-clips providing secure mounting points for conduit systems within a harness installation.

Conduit Reinforcement


Circular conduit clips to provide a secure closing for slit conduits. Clips also provide a reducing function for hinged fittings allowing smaller conduits to be installed securely into larger conduit outlets. 

Terminating Conduit

End Caps

End caps compatible with both slit and unslit harnessflex conduit.

End sleeves

These end sleeves attach to the end of slit or unslit conduit to provide a cleaner cable outlet when other fittings are not used.

Cutting Conduit

Conduit Cutters

Kwikcut conduit cutters are our preferred way to cut Harnessflex conduit to size.