Conduit Guide

Harnessflex provides a wide variety of different conduit materials and diameters, this guide should give you an idea of which conduit to use for which purpose. For more info on the NC & NW conduit size standard see lower down the page here.

Table with comparative ratings for the various conduits (numbers TBD)

Physical durability324343233
Chemical Resistance323333333
Temperature Resistance333333333
Special attributesNoneHigh FlexLong lifeFlame Retardant

NC Conduit

This is the standard Harnessflex conduit which we use most often.
General purpose use with good impact strength and fatigue life, also available pre-slit down its length.
If in doubt start with this conduit.

CPTA Conduit

Lighter weight and more flexible than the standard NC conduit, at the expense of poorer chemical resistance.

Continue with comparisons for all conduits we stock…

The NC and NW conduit size standard

Explain here what the NC and NW sizes of conduit correspond to, useful for general member of public