CCSB Conduit Clip



Circular conduit clips to provide a secure closing for slit conduits. Clips also provide a reducing function for hinged fittings allowing smaller conduits to be installed securely into larger conduit outlets. Some clips can be clipped together to offer further reducing options.

  • Internal Ribs to aid conduit retention
  • External grooves to allow attachment of single piece fixing clips for ease of installation when used as security rings for slit conduit
  • Prevent slit conduit opening especially under tight bend radii
  • Securely closes slit conduit to prevent cable exposure
  • Improves crush strength of slit conduits

Suitable for all Harnessflex Slit and un-slit conduits

Provides Reducing options with these fittings:

  • TPS – T Piece conduit manifold
  • YPS – Y Piece conduit manifold
  • JPS – Straight conduit joiner
  • EPS – Conduit elbow
  • CI – Conduit to connector interfaces

Other hinged Harnessflex fittings may also be compatible

Additional information

Conduit Size

NC06, NC08, NC10, NC12, NC16, NC20, NC25, NC28, NC32, NC40, NC50

Outlet Size

NC16, NC20, NC28, NC32, NC40, NC50, None